Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 26: More direction at Crossroads, please

Christmas cheer

Sound Off, have a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for many different opinions you share with all. I enjoy reading them as well as putting my 2 cents in. God Bless America, our Mississippi Gulf Coast that we stand together even when we disagree. Blessing to us all!

Problem area

I have almost been in two wrecks because drivers go straight in the turn lane at Crossroads Parkway and Landon Road. I am terrified each time I cross. Once I had a car blow his horn at me when he was in the wrong. My friend says it may be that people do not see the arrow on the road and the lanes don’t line up with each other. She thinks Gulfport needs to put signs showing the turns on the traffic lights or more lights showing the turns. Or if those people are reading this, please pay more attention.

Fabulous lights

Thank you, Thank you, to Mrs. Val, whom I’ve been told is responsible for the beautiful Christmas lights and display on Pineville Road in Long Beach. Our children were disappointed when the lights were not up this year and then tonight, Christmas Eve, there they were! Love the dragons, all the snowmen, the Frozen display, we love it all! Thank you so very much!

Save the trees

The beautiful cedar in Mobile got Trumped. Now Mississippi Power is trumping our coastal trees.

Trim the trees

Individual property owners with trees that grow onto the city’s right-of-way do not have the right to endanger pedestrians and damage electrical, telephone and television cable lines. Utilities have the right and obligation to trim or remove these trees.

Cool QBs

Frankly, I enjoy watching Aaron Rogers or Bert Roethlisberger more than Drew Brees. They are so calm and collected, while Drew always looks so panicky.


We just happen to like WDSU. They have excellent weather programming, something we do not have here. So Cable One do not drop it.

All states equal

“More states consider working around electoral college,” hip hip hooray to that! It’s time that voters in every state be equal. It’s time for an antiquated and failed system to die.

Great date

Jan 20, 2017. This date marks the end of a grievous error in American history and the return to those principles embodied in the Constitution which will make America great again.

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