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Have a Merry Sound Off Christmas

The more lights the merrier as Christmas on the Bayou rolls Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016.
The more lights the merrier as Christmas on the Bayou rolls Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016.

Santa’s cause

There are those who don’t believe in miracles or Santa Claus, but I believe what I believe, and I believe in Santa’s cause. Merry Christmas.

Power to workers

Just read about the butchered oak trees. I’m for the trees being cut away from the power lines. We know the effects of trees on power lines. They can knock off our power. Also, it’s very hazardous conditions for the workers repairing the power lines. Let’s stop planting trees near any type of power lines. Even the lines attached to your home.

Please reply

Can someone tell me if the new post office on Popp’s Ferry Road is a regular post office?

Monsters, I tell you

If you drive south from Old Highway 49 and Dedeaux Road in Orange Grove, you can see the hideous job the power company did to the trees. Take some time and shape these trees. Most of the oaks are now naked on one side. Cut some down if necessary. I know it must be done due to our bad weather, but have a heart. Do we really need one more thing for tourists to see wrong with us?

Language is changing

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays is much ado about nothing. We always wrote on our cards Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and signed our names. Young people do not use the same language as we elders do. They condense everything as a result of their communication so it’s normal for them to condense those two sentiments into one Happy Holidays. It will continue to spread as they are the future.

They’ve got you

Be aware cutting the cable and using Wi-Fi with a streaming service such as Roku will burn through the lower tiers of the Cable One data plans. Add basic Sling TV ($20), Netflix ($10) and smartphone and tablet use and you are maxed out on its data plans at $167 a month. Got you either way.

Money, money

Insurance companies are basically corrupt. They care only about money — your money — in their pockets. Maybe President Donald J. Trump can drain the insurance swamp as well as the Washington D.C. swamp.

More than one

Just how much money are “The Biloxi powers that be” going to dump into Hiller Park? I do believe there are other parts of the city, not just Hiller Park.

Our president

I suggest you get on board the Trump train, folks. He’s not some bad dream. He’s the 45th president of the United States. The working class you have been taking advantage of put him there.

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