Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 23: Trump will keep Mississippi on track

Trump will fix it

I can’t believe it is going to take two more years to get train service back to the Gulf Coast. That is why we need Trump as president. He would have it back next week. We have the tracks and the trains and places for the train to stop. What else is needed?

3 choices

People have voted. The Electoral College has voted. Trump won. The voting is over. Trump is our president-elect. Now choices have to be made. All the Hollywood liberals and all non-Trumpers who don’t want him for president have three choices. Choice No. 1: Suck it up and live with the fact that Trump is our new president. Choice No. 2: Canada. Choice No. 3: Mexico. Those who choose Choice Nos. 2 or 3, no one will miss you. So make up your minds.


In reply to Mr. Robertson’s letter to the editor: Our despicable legislators who represent the rest of Mississippi know full well that no county deserves one red cent of the BP money north of the six lowest. They’re just greedy and opportunistic. They know it, we know it and they know we know it. They simply see dollar signs and start salivating like Pavlov’s dogs and rationalizing away all common sense and reasoning. BP is probably sitting back and laughing and thinking — although they had to pay dearly for their gaffe — they got a good one over on the Gulf Coast by making us tap dance for our money. Sickening.


Cars that are entering a parking lot have the right of way. Some people need to go back and retake their drivers test. People exiting an elevator have the right of way. Some people start cramming into the elevator before passengers get off. No smoking in elevators.

Fix this

As long as MDOT is going to be adjusting the timing on the traffic signals at the diamond interchange, maybe they could do something about the lights on Beach Boulevard from Gulfport to Ocean Springs. If you catch one, you’ll catch them all. And maybe change several lights to switch to flashing yellow on U.S. 90 after midnight. It’s very frustrating to sit at every traffic light on 90 when you’re the only car on the street.

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