Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 20: Can I have my phone back, please?

Most people listen to podcasts on mobile devices.
Most people listen to podcasts on mobile devices. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Tough to decipher

I could get behind Trump easier if I knew which lie he was going to stick with.

Bad precedent

Does the GOP think that Trump will get the support that they denied Obama? They might need to think again. They set the path.

Lowdown deed

To that person who picked up the man’s money envelope, I hope you are proud of yourself for being so lowdown as to not return it to him or to the station clerk. Two people know who you are — you and God.

Is this right?

OK, so let me get this straight. Obama and the DNC are mad at Russia because they “think” they were trying to manipulate our election by exposing that the DNC was manipulating our election?

Fact or fiction?

The space-time continuum trembles, sensing the evil empire’s birthing of the Death Star. The resistance begins, the rebels unaware they are birthing the prequel to an ever-growing series of sequels. Are you up for joining the resistance? But wait a minute. Are we talking about a movie or a Trump presidency that is gradually coming into sharper focus?

Stiffer penalties

Judging by today’s sound off column, I would say the people are fed up and ready to back better laws in animal protection. Are you listening to us officials? We demand that these laws get updated. Make justice fit the crime. These criminals, and, yes, that’s what they are, should pay a stiffer penalty for what they’ve done. They are working up to worse. When they kill a human being, what will you say?

Bring it back

I just want to say that whoever took my phone at Leo’s Pizza last Saturday night, could you please return it to Leo’s, because I really need it for job contacts, and especially for me to stay in touch with my sick daughter back in Texas. My wife of 21 years has decided to separate, and that’s why I am back on the Coast where I grew up, to start completely over. I have been job hunting since I moved back here in November, and it has been really rough for me. I need that phone so bad. I just wish the person involved would have a change of heart.

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