Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 17: Hanukkah


Open the road

MDOT, is Cedar Lake Road open yet? We need that access.

Anyone know?

Does anyone know if there is some place on the Coast that sells Christmas cactus?


Oh, my gosh! With all the issues in the world today, you’re worried about a parent letting their child believe in Santa Claus?


I beg to differ to Merry Christmas being the only holiday. Holidays include Hanukkah. The first day of Hanukkah is Dec. 24.

Bad TV

The Thursday-night football game between Los Angeles and Seattle was one of the poorest excuses for TV entertainment in a long time, although there was some football action between penalties.

Stronger laws

Torturing animals is how psychopathic murderers start out. We need stronger protection laws for household pets, if for no other reason than to stop these mentally ill people from getting away with crimes against living creatures who cannot protect themselves.

Big difference

To “Double standard”: The reason President Obama’s cabinet choices are OK is because they were/are familiar with the government, its laws, including the Constitution, and the departments to which they were appointed. President-elect Trump’s choices are none of these. Big difference.


I find it outrageous that the Legislature would even consider allotting only 40 percent of the BP money to the Coast and 60 percent to the rest of the state. How were Tunica or Tupelo or Jackson affected? Southern Mississippi really needs to secede.

Either way

In response to “Don’t lie”: We raised our son without Santa but taught him that he represents the spirit of giving. Our daughter was raised with Santa Claus and was not harmed by it. She now has a son and looks forward to teaching him the difference between make-believe/imagination and real life. Merry Christmas, y’all!

No mercy!

I hope and pray the Moss Point police find the people responsible for scalding the cat and the sick person who filmed it and posted it on social media. I also hope and pray the judge will show no mercy when the people do have their day in court for this horrific act on an innocent animal.

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