Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 10: Keep voting

Good editorial

OK, Editorial Board, you got it right on Bill 1523. A little soft. The bill is a perfect example of why the civilized nation thinks we’re a superstitious and dangerous backwater. Bill 1523 is the Dark Ages in the third degree, and Mississippi owns it, thanks to the Neanderthals among us.

Don’t hog the aisle

At the local grocery store, try to display some shopping courtesy. When you are at the meat department, don’t block 6 feet of the display with your shopping cart and your body. Others are trying to see the meat offerings also.

Study up

If “Done voting” did a bit of research, they might understand the sense and logic behind our Electoral College. Without it, only the most populous section of the U.S. would determine our president. Most states would be relegated irrelevant. Study up, buddy, and get used to saying, “President Trump.”

Keep voting

Clinton won the popular vote by 2.7 million. Take out California and Trump won by 1.7 million. Take out New York and Trump won the popular vote by 3.2 million. The Electoral College gives all states a voice and does not allow heavily populated states to determine election results — especially two very liberal states like California and New York where Trump chose not to campaign knowing the odds were very much against him. Keep voting!


Once again, I have been bamboozled by the unclear “Move Over Law” where drivers can be ticketed if they don’t move over to the other lane or off the road when a patrol car is flashing its lights on the side. How in the world is this enforced on two-lane highways? Also, when I was driving along U.S. 90 Wednesday night, there was a police car with lights on north of the Christmas exhibit in Jones Park, yet no one was pulled over for not moving to the other lane. Why this law if it can’t be consistently enforced?


Just left the D’Iberville Town Green. The display of the old community buildings is absolutely extraordinary. It is well-thought-out and beautifully designed, especially all the explanations and pictures of the owners of each building. The replicas of all the buildings are exact and very well-constructed. The city of D’Iberville is very lucky to have a craftsman so talented as Ralph Borries. He is a genius with plywood and saws. I am from D’Iberville and he brought back many memories from my childhood. Thank you, Ralph Borries, for preserving the history of D’Iberville.

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