Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 8: Get your pecans here

The problem

If you have ever read the Constitution, it is not that hard to understand. It is the so-called constitutional lawyers who misinterpret the Constitution that cause the problems.

Wise choices

I feel confident President-elect Trump will put the right people in place.


I’m sure the mailman takes the most efficient route. As long as you get your mail, does it really matter? It’s not always about you.

Pecans here

Fresh local pecans are available from vendors at the Biloxi Farmers Market. It is held Tuesdays and Thursdays year-round under I-110 at Howard Avenue.

Futile efforts

Efforts to persuade elected officials in bright-red districts to support environmental protection continue. These efforts have proven fruitless. Environmental protection is moribund in red America.


So a government study warns of extreme rainfall at the end of the century. Since the feds have figured out what will happen 80 years from now, do you think they’ll be able to handle next year?

Business sense

President-elect Donald Trump plans to reject Boeing’s $4 billion cost estimate for a new Air Force One, saying he wants Boeing to “make a lot of money, but not that much money.” Outgoing President Obama wouldn’t bat an eye at a $4 billion aircraft for him. Losing candidate Hillary Clinton would likely have wanted an $8 billion aircraft with party additions for her Hollywood buddies and media sycophants. Yes, it’s past time we used business sense in running our government.

Done voting

With Clinton winning more than 2.5 million more votes than Trump and not becoming the president, something is terribly wrong with our system. The voice of the people was not listened to. The people chose Clinton, the flawed Electoral College system chose Trump. I doubt if I will ever waste my time voting in a presidential election again because my or anybody else’s vote does not count. God bless America. We are going to need it.

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