Sound Off

Sound Off for Dec. 7: Shucks!

Anybody know?

Could someone tell me where I can buy some pecans?

Fast learner?

Let’s hope Donald Trump learns about the Constitution from some of his cabinet. We have gone from a lawyer who taught constitutional law to a showman who needs help understanding.


This is in fact the fifth time the Electoral College will elect the president without the benefit of a popular vote majority. The Electoral College ensures all of America has a voice, not just population centers.

What gives?

The mail vehicle just delivered the mail across the street. The time is 2:15 p.m. I live on the same street. My mail is usually delivered about 5 p.m. What gives?


Just heard the city of Biloxi is suing the Shuckers. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Sounds like the city is getting shucked by the Shuckers. What did Biloxi expect?

Global warming

I think I have figured out why the New Orleans Saints have a hard time winning a game. After reading about global warming, aka climate change, daily on several pages of the newspaper, I think the players are really worried about it so bad they cannot concentrate on the job at hand of playing football.

Pay up

I think the owner of that pit bull should be responsible for all the medical bills and special care that is required to care for the two boys who were attacked and then have to compensate the teen who lost his leg for the rest of his life.

No politics

LeBron James has refused to stay at the Trump Hotel in New York with the Cavaliers team. In addition, several Cavalier players have stated that if they win the championship, they will not go to the White House, as is tradition with winning teams, because of Donald Trump. Well, I now refuse to watch the Cavaliers on TV nor will I watch any other team that uses its celebrity status to make a political statement.

Fix it

I have the same problem. I tried to adjust the zoom options — still the same. Got to be the ABC Network. Same game I was watching. Happens all the time. Get with the scores, ABC. Time to adjust the lineaments. Oh, well. If it were the Saints game, it would be no problem.

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