Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 29: Keep counting

Keep counting

If the popular vote doesn’t count for president, then there is no president elect until the electors meet and cast their votes. Count all the votes that the citizens cast first. It’s not over till it’s over.


Jackson County seems to have more than their share of corruption.

No effect

The truth is the president will not have any effect on the average American, at least not for years.


Dear President-elect Trump: Tell Mitt Romney his services as Secretary of State will not be required. Party unity is noble but Romney was vicious in his opposition to your campaign, and I fail to see how he would be loyal and objective in such an important role. There are better, more qualified candidates. John Bolton for one.

Bad business

If what was reported in Sunday’s Sun Herald is correct, it appears that the Moss Point utility’s department runs on the buddy system. They all should be fired.

Please explain

I would like for any Mississippi legislator who has the guts, to explain to its citizens why it is necessary for state contracts, or any state business for that matter, to be hidden from its citizens. Please.

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