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Sound Off: Change in the air

Anyone know?

Where can I learn the salaries of those who hold cabinet positions for the president?


Did a Sound Off really suggest Trump should learn from Obama how to “man up”? Hahahaha, stop it. You’re killing me!

Back to nature

My father, a farmer born in 1889, predicted the weather by signs of nature. Many times I laughed. However, most of the times he was right. A heavy crop of acorns makes for a long cold winter — food for the animals. God even takes care of the critters he made.

Change in the air

We walk 4 miles in the National Park in Ocean Springs daily. Have for decades. Every year at this time, the roads and sidewalks are totally covered with orange spots from crushed Live oak acorns. Not any different this year. Stressed trees from drought? I think the climate change and global warming indoctrination is setting in. We are way above normal rainfall for the year. We usually have a dry spell in the fall. Anyone notice a brighter than normal moon? That’s caused by higher than normal high tides, right?

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