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Sound Off for Nov. 21: Extend hours for cold weather shelters

COURTESY MORGAN SHIYOU The Salvation Army cold-weather shelter in Gulfport .
COURTESY MORGAN SHIYOU The Salvation Army cold-weather shelter in Gulfport . Biloxi

Head in the shop

So they want to make it OK for pot but not the lottery. God bless Mississippi.

No longer wanted

Why are there so many illegal immigrants in the U.S.? Because they wanted to escape poverty and violence, and because American businesses wanted a quick, bottomless supply of cheap, submissive labor — so government looked the other way while illegal immigrants flooded in. Now that they have toiled for decades, married and raised children, and become part of their communities, the government wants to rip them up and send them back.

It’s cold outside

I’m writing to suggest that the cold weather shelters stay open a little later in the mornings. As it stands now, the shelters close about 6 a.m. On most nights that the temperature drops enough for the shelters to open, the coldest point of the “night” is about 5-6 a.m. While the shelters are a really good thing for those who need them, it seems to be a little cruel to be putting them back on the street at the coldest part of the day.

Baby, let’s cruise

What a great way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon by cruising along the shore on the Ship Island ferry.

Family focused

Gulf Coast has homeless, hungry, needy, but with the number of outreach programs, how can it be? Why don’t family members step up help at time of need? Coming from a large family, we didn’t have a lot. We shared baths, clothes, shoes. No one was hungry or slept outside unless they were camping. It’s heartbreaking that families of these aren’t concerned. Families help your family. Those who have parents in nursing home GO VISIT. The day will come when it’ll be you there!

Purse strings

I read about the purse stealing. Here is what I do and tell others if their purse is in top of cart. Take the baby belt and wrap it around both purse handles at least twice and then hook up to other piece. Also keep your purse center zipped up. Get out what you may need before you start shopping. And never turn your back on your buggy.

Audit all

A note of caution to local American Legion and VFW organizations: I was a member of the largest VFW post in Louisiana (post name withheld) before moving to the Coast. The treasurer got up in front of the group one evening and announced the post “lost money” on the prior month’s bingo games there. Fat chance of that. I immediately quit, destroyed my ID card and never went back. Routine independent audits are important wherever a trust is presumed.

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