Sound Off

Sound Off: Just show the game

Safe here

I live a half-mile from the sports complex and am very safe and comfortable in my neighborhood. Thank you, Chief Papania, for informing the public the neighborhoods around the sports complex are safe. To the parents of all those kids who have not been identified, please turn them in ASAP. You know who they are.

Get with the program

Yes, we do need to legalize marijuana. Regulate it for adults and quit wasting time arresting people who smoke it. It saved my husband’s life when he got cancer and was unable to keep down food. I hope our leaders will at least legalize medical marijuana

Time will tell

To “All winners,” before you give Trump-elect too much praise, you need to wait and see how far down the sewer we all may fall.

Neither rain nor sleet nor rocks ...

This is in response to the person complaining about their mail carrier. We live in Biloxi on Porter Avenue. Our street is a mess with water and sewer repairs. Our mail carrier has to go through a maze of detours, piles of dirt and rock and huge holes dug in the street. Not to mention large construction equipment and workers. I am embarrassed to say I do not know his name. He always delivers our mail on time. Sometimes he has to park farther away and walk through all this mess just to get the mail delivered. Kudos to our mail carrier. He is the best.

Just show the game

Why has it become common for network sporting events to talk, and talk, and talk about the sport before each game? Fans want to see the action on the field, not some ex-jock talking endlessly about his opinions. Fans do not care or want his/her opinions. Fire the talking heads and show the action on the field of play only.

No stonewalling

Heads up, GOP. We expect you to wholly support Trump and cooperate with him on his agenda that clearly resonated with America. Produce budgets. Pass legislation. Work with him on appointments. We will be watching out for anyone slow-walking support, and backroom efforts to derail. You complained about not having both houses of Congress, but never really resisted Obama when you had that leverage. Don’t suddenly become obstructionist naysayers with a Republican president.

This is the difference

People often ask what’s the difference between having “boots on the ground” conflict or military advisory support for allies abroad. The Sun Herald showed me the difference by the now almost-routine good news: “No deaths reported by the Dept. of Defense.”

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