Sound Off

Sound Off: The Biloxi Farmers Market is where it’s at

Pot, kettle

Clinton supporters are doing the things they said made Trump supporters terrible people.

Pay attention

If you are wondering why your insurance rates keep going up, just travel on U.S. 90 east or west and you will know why. Drivers changing lanes, no turn signals, following too close even if you are in the right lane, running red lights (a norm in Ocean Springs) and cutting in front of you when they know that the lane they are in is running out. These are individuals who travel U.S. 90 every day.


Citizens of Gulfport, it’s time to ask city leaders: Where is the rest of the millions of dollars coming from to fund the aquarium. I know we received BP funds, but where are the rest of the funds coming from? If you will do research, you will see where the aquarium in New Orleans taxes homeowners to pay and keep the doors open. Is this going to be the case in Gulfport?

Another one

On page 2A of Friday’s Sun Herald, there is a wonderful story about a pit bull named FeFe. On the same page is an article about Biloxi’s mayor, FoFo. Seems that all the page needs to be complete is a story about FiFi — and maybe Fum.

Open for business

Please help us get the word out that the Biloxi Farmers Market is alive and well and ready for business. We’re open all year round. It’s under I-110 at Howard Avenue and is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Did they vote?

President-elect Trump protests are occurring throughout the country. While I agree with their right to protest, I wonder just how many of the protesters actually voted. The answer would make a good news story.

Draft them

One of the best things President-elect Trump could do within his first 100 days would be to reinstate the draft. All the protesters would flee the country and then he could build the wall.


Hillary supports rioting, blocking traffic and starting fires. Guess we now know who the real deplorables are.


Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton may have won 50-plus percent of the popular vote, but Republican nominee Donald Trump won 100 percent of the United States presidency.

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