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Coast Sound Off writers ready to ‘Make America Great Again’

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump was all smiles as he prepared to address an election night rally early Wednesday in New York.
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump was all smiles as he prepared to address an election night rally early Wednesday in New York. AP


In response to today’s Sound Off, which stated that the GOP passed the Affordable Care Act: not true! It was passed by the Democrats, with not one single Republican vote for its passage.

Good ‘mourning’

“Good Morning America” is normally ebullient, chatty and fun-loving. The day after Trump’s election every single host, guest and show topic was anxious, fretful and glum. The GMA set resembled a funeral home. The only thing missing was dirge music in the background.


Thanks goes to the ones who drew up the plans and built the pier. This past week I was able to take my husband down on the pier to do some fishing/crabing.. The weather was excellent and pier was so clean. We did wonder where the trash cans were but decided it is better to carry your own trash bag to make sure you take all your trash with you. We were waiting for friends of ours from Southhaven to join us for a day of fishing. My husband has stage 4 cancer and my dear friend has brain cancer, and we decided this was the perfect place to be to share our time. Thanks again for the pier and the up keep of it. Biloxi is a great place to visit and to live.

Bye, bye

Does the Trump victory mean that we are finally finished with the Clintons? Praise God.

Happy day!

I stood in a long line to vote yesterday, just like a lot of other voters. In this line were white people, black people, Asian people and Latino people. What was surprising to me was when talking in line, all of us were planning on voting for Donald Trump in order to unify America again. I thought that was amazing that all of us can come together for a common good of our citizens and our country. I am so happy with the results. God bless America and its citizens.

Never forget

Congratulations, President Trump! Just remember that although you won the electoral vote, it looks like (at the current time) a bit over half of the popular vote did not vote for you. Don’t ever forget that as Obama often did. You’re their president, too. Govern wisely, my friend.

So long!

For those so-called celebrities who have vowed to leave the country if Trump were elected president, I would like to be the first to tell you goodbye. Goodbye!


Finally, the mudslinging of the campaign can be behind us. It was inspiring to view the record crowds that turned out to vote —many standing in the rain for hours — many with walkers and in wheelchairs. It is time to work together and Make America Great Again!

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