Sound Off

Sound Off: Shouldn’t votes be personal?

Here are all the places you can get one of these.
Here are all the places you can get one of these. IcemanJ

Secret ballot?

Aren’t our votes supposed to be secret? So why at my polling place do we fill our scantron sheets in private, but then they are visible to everyone when we enter them into the machine? A poll worker’s entire demeanor toward me changed when he saw my ballot and I guess I didn’t choose his candidate. There has to be a better way to protect our right to secrecy in voting.

Head in sand

My Sound Off does not have anything to do with an issue of black or white. It is about the liberal issues that are hurting you as a black and me as a white and our grandkids’ future. A lot of people fought hard for our rights that the socialist special interests are destroying on a daily basis. A lot of the majority and the minority have their head in the sand about what is going on in America since the ’60s.

New cheer

Hoddy toddy, gosh almighty, Ole Miss finally beat somebody. Georgia who?


Over the past six years, I have written Rep. Steven Palazzo on several occasions about issues and concerns I’ve had about federal employees, Medicare, and federal retirement issues. Each time I received a form letter addressing a completely different issue.

Youthful wisdom

Did anyone read “The Born Loser” in Saturday’s paper? That young son made more sense than a lot of politicians. Come on Mississippi, get rid of daylight saving time once and for all.


Community leaders, in my opinion, are primarily politicians. Not just a business owner. They can at times be both. But just because you own a business, that does not make you a community leader.


I admit I’m bad about letting my emails accumulate. I recently deleted 3,000-plus. I didn’t realize that is considered criminal. Do I need to be afraid of going to jail?

What’s up?

The GOP Congress passed the Affordable Care Act but has spent millions trying to remove it. They passed the law that allowed 9/11 victims’ families to sue but then realized lawsuits would be coming against the U.S. so they needed to correct that. What’s up with them?

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