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Sound Off: Don’t blame Obama for Mississippi’s problems, Gov. Bryant

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant AP File

Gosh almighty!

Hotty Toddy gosh almighty, Ole Miss finally beat somebody!

Alternative parties

Regardless of the election results, considering the character and behavior of the two major party candidates, it is clear that the time is now to put all possible effort into building truly viable alternative political parties.

Voice fail

A few minutes ago I was watching our local TV morning news with closed captioning on as usual. Evidently the station uses some form of voice recognition software. The news anchor said, “Now let’s hear from our chief meteorologist,” which came out on closed captioning as “sheep urologist.” Ha.

Killing America?

Sunday’s headline says, “Will this be the election that finally kills off the Democratic and Republican parties?” The headline asks the wrong question. The correct question is, “Will this be the election that finally kills off America?”

Look no further

Hard to believe that Gov. Bryant has the nerve to criticize President Obama and Hillary Clinton when all he has to do is look at Mississippi for a failed state. He must not read anything so he can’t see how poorly his state is ranked.

Two choices

I do not understand how people cannot know who they are voting for at this point. Your choice is between the same type of government we have had for the last eight years, or a businessman who may not be a polished politician but is smart enough to put the right people in the right positions to make this country great again.

No different

When the president, first lady or vice president uses a government plane to campaign, the cost of everything except for the Secret Service expense is covered by donors or the Democratic Committee. These Secret Service men are being paid whether they are flying to a campaign stop or on official government business. This is the same way when every past president has flown for any reason except official government business.

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