Sound Off

Sound Off for Nov. 6

Campaign misuse

I think it is terribly wrong for the president, vice president and first lady to utilize airplanes funded by our tax dollars to fly around the country and campaign for a presidential nominee. This is not one of the duties and responsibilities of a president or vice president. They are violating their sworn duties and this is a misuse of our taxes. There should be a law against it.

Safety first

I sent the original Sound Off. The Mississippi Driver Manual (available free online) states: “When entering an interstate, obey the posted ramp speed. As you reach the end of the ramp, increase your speed in the acceleration lane until you reach cruising speed. Yield to any approaching vehicles and never turn suddenly into the main flow of traffic.” Go to and you can find a senior driver safety class in your area.

System failure

Corruption in politics, disrespect for law enforcement and the racial divide in this country in the last eight years. The killings of young Americans, black and white. The current system has failed!

Strength needed

Yes, the U.S. is in the most vulnerable position since post-Vietnam. We are weak and intimidated by dictators around the world. No strong military, no leadership.

No cents

To the person who is not going in eat in Pascagoula anymore because of the tax: If you’re not able to pay 2 cents on a dollar more, you probably shouldn’t be going out to eat. And don’t go to Ocean Springs because they’ve had the same tax since 2007.

Where in Ocean Springs?

I see that many cities on the Coast have medication disposal boxes. But why is there not a location in Ocean Springs for safe disposal of unwanted or expired medications?

Use money wisely

The DMR has chosen to continue to take stock in using huge amounts of money to buy massive boats instead of using monies to stock the alleged dwindling stocks of speckled trout. God knows the BP monies will not be used for the fishery problems it created. We’ve already seen them be used to pay off water company lawsuits, build roads and anything else the “general funds” dictate.

Trump humor

Please tell me the article by Regina Zilbermints is an attempt to bring some humor into this election season. Only a twisted mind like the Republican nominee could come up with this sort of scheme to try and steal votes from the Dems. Must admit, though, it did get a good laugh out of me.