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Sound Off: Patriotic idea


Yes, a car already on the interstate should speed up, slow down or move over for a car entering the road if possible. However, the car on the ramp has a “yield” sign that ultimately makes it its responsibility to find a spot to safely fit into.

Look out

The vehicle laws of Mississippi may or may not govern who has the “right of way” upon entering an interstate. But common sense tells me that vehicles already on the interstate have the “right of way” whether you like it or not. Why? The most basic of all safe-driving slogans is, “You May Be Right ... Dead Right.” Go ahead and expect the vehicles moving at 70 mph (more like 80 mph today) to look out for your safety. But really, the funeral homes don’t need the extra business.


Both our candidates could take a lesson in manners and good sportsmanship from the Cubs, Cleveland and their many fans.

End it

Rise up. Washington is corrupt and broke, but you and I can change this on Tuesday by taking our country back and refusing to elect more corruption.

Stop it

Can someone in the know please tell me if it is legal to ride 4-wheeler-type vehicles on city streets? Several times a week at night, we have two to three riding in Sunkist on Baywood Drive, Rustwood Drive and even on Popp’s Ferry Road. They are even using the sidewalks. It has been going on for about a month. Can we please get some help with this before someone gets hurt? There are a lot of walkers in this area.

No thank you

I guess I will cancel my plan to go eat out in Pascagoula since they decided to tax me to eat at one of their restaurants. Nope, none of my money is going to go to that tax. Plenty of other cities to eat a good meal at without being taxed to eat.

Patriotic idea

I have a suggestion and, if you agree, share it with your friends. Let’s do away with the national anthem so instead of having someone to sing the song, let’s all recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Can you image how powerful a full voice in stadiums and arenas that would be? Those who don’t want to say the Pledge of Allegiance can just sit there and listen.

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