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Sound Off: Let it go, Gov. Phil Bryant

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant AP File

Not interested

Unfortunately, Gene Taylor has said many times he’s not interested in the job anymore.

Term limits

To the persons suggesting to write in Gene Taylor as a vote: We don’t need another career politician in Washington. Term limits are needed.

Clean ’em out

I am appalled that Gulfport city leaders used BP funds to pay interest on a 20-year-old court case. This move should be investigated by the state attorney general’s office. Next year is election time and we should clean out the establishment.

How could she?

I listened to Hillary’s speech given in Miami-Dade County, Florida, on Tuesday. She spoke mostly about Trump’s sexual mistreatment of women. I really do not know how she could bring this up after living with Bill all these years.

Bad idea

Good grief! Surely this state, which is consistently at or near the top of everything bad and at the bottom of everything good, has more pressing needs than trying to resurrect the idiotic “religious objections” law. It’s stupid, Gov. Bryant. Let it go. Stop being an embarrassment and try spending your time and our tax dollars on something that this state actually needs.

Senate email?

Something we have been wondering about: What type of email service did Hillary Clinton use when she was a senator? If senators have a government account, did Hillary use the government account or her own account?

Too bad

Some states have allowed early voting up to a month ahead of time. Based upon the latest revelations about Clinton and Trump, these early voters cannot change their votes at this time even if they wanted to. It makes you wonder if early voting is the right thing to do.

No enthusiasm

Mr. Trump has indicated how important voter enthusiasm is in this upcoming election. If he is correct, then I must state that I have zero enthusiasm for Mr. Trump.

Campaign motif

In keeping with his usual (and only) theme for a campaign — Fire Palazzo!

Stating the obvious

When are people going to realize that having slow-moving farm equipment and machinery with less-than-adequate safety lighting on highways especially at night is unsafe? The person or persons who made the unwise decision to put people’s lives at risk in this manner should be held criminally liable.

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