Sound Off

Sound Off: Should Gene Taylor replace Steven Palazzo?



This election cycle is proof that two of Abraham Lincoln’s axioms are true. Hillary and her supporters are proof that “you can fool some of the people, all of the time.” Donald and his basket of deplorables are proof that “you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time.” The only question now is which group is the majority.

Good, bad news

The good news is that next Tuesday the never-ending election cycle will be over. The bad news is that either Hillary or Trump will be the next president for four long and newsworthy years.

Rule of law?

As a federal employee, I am restricted as to my involvement in partisan elections. FBI Director Comey is in violation of the Hatch Act by bowing to pressure from Congress, the same Congress that wrote the law. This judge in the Trump University case did the right thing by waiting until after the election to try Mr. Trump’s case. Director Comey is doing a disservice to the American people and breaking the law as well.


So the FBI director wouldn’t put his name on the intelligence report that confirmed Russian interference in U.S. elections because it might interfere with our election; but he had no trouble leaking to Congress that he was adding another email investigation against Hillary just 11 days before election day? How’s that fair?

Driving class

To the lady on I-110 northbound who came within inches of hitting me: You need to be aware that when entering an interstate, you must yield to the traffic already on the interstate. Depending on the conditions, you accelerate or brake and enter the flow of traffic. AARP has driver safety classes for seniors through the Coast. I recommend you take one of these classes. It may save your life. Thank the Lord I have excellent reflexes.

Good read

I was almost late to church Sunday because I could not stop reading Tammy Smith’s great article on ghost stories from here on the Coast. Her stories are always enjoyable, and I’m always happy when I see something she has written. These were all new to me and impossible to put down. Thank you for a nice respite from politics and other bad news.

Write-in vote

Write in Gene Taylor — vote out Palazzo. It should have always been Gene. He is the man for South Mississippi.

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