Sound Off

Sound Off: Let them dig

Trickle to flow

Drip, drip, drip. Every day the secret emails of the Clintons’ corruptions have been revealed. But the dam is about to burst, and about time.

Double Trumpkin

All this whining from Donald and his Trumpkins about how the Democrats have rigged the election and are going to have all their folks vote twice. And what happens? A Trumpkin in Iowa is arrested for voting twice. For Trump, of course. Oh, the irony.

Nothing new

The Jehovah’s Witnesses sued the federal government over the Pledge of Allegiance in the 1970s. Their religion allows pledges only to God and they did not want their children forced to pledge to the flag. Because we have freedom of religion, they won and have the right to not pledge to the flag. A parent can send a letter and opt their children out because of religion. This is not anything new.

Lap dog

Palazzo is the blue dog for the Republican lemmings in Mississippi. He has done nothing of any value, but counts on the Republicans to keep returning him to Congress. Easy way for him to get a good retirement.


The Republican Congress and FBI director spend their time investigating Hillary’s emails and blocking everything Obama’s administration tries to accomplish. Are any of them interested in our nation’s security or prosperity?

Think forward

To all those whose vote is anchored in the past, remember: Your children will live in the future. They have no choice. Base your vote on what’s best for them.

Let them dig

Just read the story by Karen Nelson about the October 2015 plane crash. To the Army Corps of Engineers: Go ahead and give the OK to dredge at Round Island. What if it was your loved one? Bet you would be out there digging with your hands. Give these families some closure.


So Gov. Bryant also believes the election is rigged and the Electoral College is unfair to small states? Electoral votes are distributed by population. In 2000, Al Gore had over half a million votes more than George W. Bush. But after controversy in Florida and a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Bush was awarded the state and the presidency by 537 popular votes. No doubt Bryant was fine with that. We have a decentralized voting system with representatives from both parties overseeing the polling places. So how could it possibly be rigged? It can’t. Bryant and Trump are deliberately stirring up irrational fears among Trump supporters. It is irresponsible and a threat to our democracy.

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