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Sound Off: Bad use of money


Please tell me one reason I should vote for Palazzo. I can’t think of one substantive piece of legislation he has launched or supported. He shows up for public events, but that’s all. This constituent thinks we need a change.

Please explain

I would like to know why a parent would tell their young child it’s OK to not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. The mother said her child has been doing it for years. Why?

Education needed

Trump has shown us he can tell the same lie over and over until his followers take it as fact. We need to educate our citizens better.


When you are in any country, you don’t have to pledge to that country’s flag, but you should at least stand in respect of that country’s flag.


Off the runway? An appropriate metaphor for the Trump campaign.

What a waste

Here we go again. If Clinton wins the election, the GOP is already promising years of investigations and blocked nominees. Haven’t they wasted tons of government money for this already?

Bad use of money

How can Gulfport use BP money to pay a 20-year-old debt? There is so much that needs to be done for the good of Gulfport and the Coast with that money. Gulfport should be ashamed of itself.

Great event

Thank you to all people and businesses responsible for the annual cemetery tour. It was a great and informative short history lesson on past patrons who contributed to the building of Biloxi. We attend every year and love it!

Jackson County?

Why can’t we have a Humane Society in Jackson County? The Humane Society in Harrison County does excellent work with low-cost spay and neuter. Jackson County needs its own Humane Society. How do we get one?

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