Sound Off

Sound Off writer finds the perfect place for Gulfport dog park

New cheer

Hoddy toddy, gosh almighty, when will Ole Miss beat somebody?

What’s up?

What’s with Steven Palazzo? He avoids any candidate forum with excuses that seem flimsy.


Can anybody tell me how I can watch the people’s court?


Without the oil spill, our “leaders” would not be able to pay the Dedeaux payments as a result of something 20 years ago. That hardly improves our environment or builds our future.

Going up!

To all you Obama voters — thanks! Even the left-leaning media could not downplay this one. Your Obamacare premiums are going up again. Like the man says — there is no free lunch!

Too important

Yes, the major party candidates are not the best America can offer — but voting for a third party candidate is truly a wasted vote. This presidential election is much more important than voting “hug the whale” and “neutrality” candidates.

Cleanup time

Anybody think it’s time to get rid of that bunch in City Hall in Gulfport? They’ve wasted millions of dollars to prove that they’re right. That money could have been used for other things besides what it has been used for. Time to get out the brooms, people. Most of them have been in there for years. Clean house.

Dog park, please

I live in Brighton Place subdivision and drive by daily the empty property across from Southern Grounds coffee shop and Run N Tri specialty shop on the west side of Cowan-Lorraine Road. I’m sure this large piece of property is owned by either the city or state. Wouldn’t that be a great location for a dog park? It would just take fencing in and would be nice to have a dog park in the city of Gulfport. It would be attractive and progressive as visitors drive into town as well.

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