Sound Off

Sound Off: The cost of silence

You never know

The Saints are like volunteer firemen. You never know who is going to show up at the fire.


Why can’t people ever admit when they are wrong? A 20-year lawsuit where the court said they were wrong four times. Most of the people involved are dead. Millions of taxpayer dollars down the drain, and they still can’t admit they were wrong.

Cost of silence

The GOP knew for years Donald Trump was using his money to spread lies about President Obama, but they made no attempt to speak up to correct it. The lies that Obama was a Muslim and not born in the U.S. incited hatred and racism in their party, bringing out the worst in their members. Now they have no one to blame but themselves for the deplorable candidacy of Trump. You either stand up for what is right or you live to regret it.


Today was the day that one story after another in the paper had me speechless. The city of Gulfport uses BP monies for a partial payment of $2.7million to the gracious family who provided water to the newly annexed Orange Grove. The city still owes $3.7 million. How will we pay that off? And aside, our state auditors say our small businesses are tax cheats. What is wrong with this picture?

Reply 101

I commend Mayor Gilich for trying to bring Biloxi into the 21st century with technology. But I would like to make a suggestion. Maybe he and members of his office could have some on-the-job training on the “reply” button in an email. Because apparently no one in that office knows how to use it.

Fix the mess

Do not vote unless you are serious about fixing America’s problems. One candidate has never been in political office and deserves a chance. Just as Obama had his chance. Get them out of Washington. Out with the old and in with the new.

Scam alert

I want everyone to be aware of an old scam now going around. A bicyclist will run into the front end of your car as you’re pulling off and say you hit them. They will be very irate and say unless you come up with some money, they are calling the police. You give them whatever cash you can afford and they are happy. Don’t fall for this. Tell them you’re calling the police and see how fast they take off. A friend just experienced this scenario last weekend and was left with minor damage to her car.

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