Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 24

How hospitable

Thank you to the kind gentleman who paid for my daughter and her friends’ brunch at McElroy’s Restaurant Friday morning. They were visiting from Jackson and appreciated his generosity and his Gulf Coast hospitality!

Who’s in charge?

The new Biloxi waterfront plans are a great idea and long overdue to be implemented and funded. Biloxi better “wake up” before opportunities are lost. BP funds should be used to restore and advance our tourism infrastructure, including piers, ramps, water access, charter boat fleet as well as the shrimping, oyster, crab and fishing industries. Who is in charge of making sure BP funds are properly applied?

Thanks, Mr. Love

Saw in Friday’s paper that Love’s is coming back 3 miles from its original location. I never forgot your station. We are in Orange Grove and it was the only one we could find for gas after Hurricane Katrina. Long line of cars were waiting, but it was well worth it. Thanks, Mr. Love.


Frank Knox: “I believe with all my heart that civilization has produced nothing finer than a man or woman who thinks and practices true tolerance.” I agree. This is the essence of what God teaches us.

Not a chance

In Sound Off, someone said people voting for Donald Trump because of who he might “appoint” to the Supreme Court don’t understand the Constitution. You say the president doesn’t just appoint because the Senate has to confirm. Yes, I do understand the Constitution. If the Democrats take control of the Senate, then Clinton will be able to appoint anyone she wants. That is very scary and isn’t a chance I’m willing to take. So for the sake of many future generations, I will be voting for Donald Trump because of who he will “appoint” to the Supreme Court!

I bet so

I’ll bet that if the allowable tax deduction for TV advertising was limited, viewing would be better, ads would be better, and we’d get a whole lot more “program” in a viewing hour.


To “Just a big con”: I agree except I’m not sure if Donald was in on it.

‘Drain the swamp’

There are very few things I agree with Donald Trump on, but one is that we need to “drain the swamp.” In my view, the swamp is composed of 435 representatives and 100 senators who refuse to do the work of the American people, which is to pass budgets in a timely manner and provide for the national defense. Voting more than 40 times to repeal Obamacare does not show leadership when we fail to have a 2017 budget past Dec. 9. Their time would be better spent on compromise than on confrontation. No matter who is president, the ongoing stalemate will continue unless Congress starts doing their job.