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Sound Off: ‘Hazardous’ barrels on Interstate 110 a problem for drivers

Boston’s north

More likely to pitch snowballs at a Boston Red Sox game than at a Toronto Blue Jays game. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is geographically much farther south than Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a funny Sound Off, though. Go, Jays, go in 2017!

Worthy cause

The BP money should allow Mississippi to have one of the best school systems in the country. Invest in our children. They are the long-term investment and the future of our country.

Faulty logic

The only reason my friends say they are voting for Trump is because of whom he will “appoint” to the Supreme Court. To me, it’s sad how people just don’t understand the Constitution. A president cannot appoint a judge. They only can nominate. The Senate has the duty to advise and consent. If a president can appoint, then you must ask yourself, “Why hasn’t President Obama appointed his choice for the Supreme Court after the death of Justice Scalia?” It’s because his nominee is being held up by the Senate. Now what’s the next reason you’re supporting Trump?

No purpose

On the I-110 drawbridge, there are four traffic barrels sitting just on the inside lanes of the D’Iberville side. They have been there for more than two years. Just before the Bayview exit on the Biloxi side are four more barrels. They have been there for two months. None of the barrels is serving any purpose. They are hazardous to drivers. I have contacted Biloxi and D’Iberville public works and the police departments and MDOT. All say they have no responsibility. Who is looking out for our safety? What does it take to get the barrels removed?

Spread too thin

I would like someone to tell Delbert the Coast has too many casinos. When a new one opens, it just brings down the revenue for all the others. A new casino doesn’t create jobs because the employees come from the other casinos. Common sense.

Hillary would, too

Trump didn’t say he would not concede the election if Hillary wins. What he said is he would not give up his right to challenge the election. Has everyone forgotten the Gore challenge in 2000 over the “chad” issue in Florida? Do you think for one minute if Trump wins, Hillary would not challenge the election if she felt there were irregularities?

Thanks for story

Thank you, Sun Herald, for the article on the Skarls. I took notice of both of their obituaries the same day and was wondering about them. That they didn’t have to be gone from each other very long is sweet and hopefully brings their children some measure of comfort at what I’m sure is a very difficult time.

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