Sound Off

Sound Off: Presidential election or episode of ‘Jerry Springer’?

Ain’t for Saints?

Has anyone noticed how Saints game announcers on network telecasts are always for the other team even at home games?

Language and lyrics

I agree with the writer who stated that the point behind Michelle Obama’s speech was that women don’t deserve to be degraded and belittled. Mrs. Obama said she was shaken to her core by Trump’s language. Perhaps she hasn’t listened to the lyrics of many of the rappers that have been invited to the White House.

Congratulations, CASA

I would like to congratulate CASA of Harrison County and Furniture Galore & More for their dedication in helping abused and neglected kids. Furniture Galore & More will be supplying beds for kids in need, and CASA is who started it. It is amazing to see social workers out there helping people, especially children. It’s heartwarming to see that kind of care and love.

Twice as good

I love going to Cruisin’ The Coast. Has anyone considered having this event twice a year? The traffic is so bad that with 8,000 vehicles registered plus the locals trying to see all the classics is impossible on the last three days of the event. Have one in April and one in October.

Piling up

Why does the city of Gulfport allow a large pile of trash to continue to grow on Orange Grove Road just east of Old Highway 49? It has grown from a small pile to a large pile in a couple of weeks. This is not setting a good example for the kids who go to school just to the west of there. Would that pile still be there if it was in an area where the cruisers could have seen it?

A great run

My husband and I participated in the 5K run/walk Saturday. Thank you, Ocean Springs Rotary, for a job well done. Your organization was first-rate and the enthusiastic volunteers who cheered the runners and walkers on were inspiring. The walk course along the beach was gorgeous with the brilliant full moon. That was the icing on the cake!

Trouble ahead

Reading articles on social media about Clinton and Trump is like reading the National Enquirer. Watching them debate feels like I am watching the “Jerry Springer Show.” We are in trouble, folks.

No burnouts

As a spectator, our Cruisin’ The Coast is a wonderful event, getting to see all these wonderfully restored or remade vehicles — fun times, free of charge! However, I don’t understand the “burnout” displays, which frighten children, make horrid noise and are also dangerous, as evidenced by the accident when a burnout went out of control. These should not be part of our beloved Cruisin’.

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