Sound Off

Sound Off: God bless the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Anyone know?

Anyone know where the Silver Sneakers class that met at E-Fitness in Biloxi has gone?

While you can

For you Hillary supporters, better enjoy those smiles, waves and thumbs up now. After the election, win or lose, you’ll never see them again.

Great job

I just wanted to give a shoutout to the fine medical staff at Memorial Hospital’s wound-care unit, which has taken care of my bleeding legs and given me invaluable medical advice. I even learned how to take better care of my heart. Thanks again, wound-care pros. Sign me very grateful in Long Beach.

Even it out

Now that Biloxi is paving roads, lets see if the contractor can get the manhole covers even with the new asphalt. I drive Pass Road every day and have to dodge the big dips in the road. The inspector should be able to make that happen.

So long

Since 1992, my late wife and I lived in the Pass and will always remember the Mississippi Gulf Coast for its beauty, customs, people and cuisine. I’m too old to return. I live in the north now. I am frozen to the ground, so good-bye, good luck and bless the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Please explain

I find it frightening that our justice system is so inconsistent. I see where a man receiving a third DUI has a bond set at $100,000. However, a female officer of the law who leaves her 3-year-old daughter in the car for four hours and the child dies of heat complications has a bond set at $50,000 knowing she’s a flight risk. How does that make sense? Is there not a standard of some sort? Can someone explain this, please?

Bad idea

To the “old wise man” who has excellent working brakes and challenges tailgater(s) to “test him” should a “motorist get too close to his bumper”: You condemn the “unlawful, dangerous, foolish and macho behavior(s)” of tailgating rightly so you concurrently influence, enhance and exacerbate this behavior of road rage with your own foolish pride. The cliché goes “with age comes wisdom” so I offer this advice — “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes.” I’m the guy with my family in the lane next to you. I know my family would miss having us around should your “test go awry” and you veer into my lane. Would yours miss you?

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