Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 14: Backpacks too much for students to lug

Anyone know?

Anyone know what’s going on at the old VA laundry building on Railroad Street?


Memorial Emergency Room — three hours, six staples in right arm. Bill total — $12,000. Really insane!

Not again

An article in Wednesday’s Sun Herald explains how the Mississippi Republican leadership wants to hire a New Jersey firm to study how to revamp education funding in Mississippi. Here we go again. An out-of-state agency coming in and telling us how to manage our business.

Prefer quiet

Mr. and Mrs. Business Owner: I would prefer to shop in your stores and eat in your restaurants in peace. So why do you have overhead sounds emitting from screaming people who I guess think they are singing but instead are making sounds that are far worse than scraping your nails on a chalkboard? Can’t you find some instrumentals to play?

Tuned out, too

In Sound Off, someone stated that he/she has stopped watching NFL games and is considering doing away with all TV. I used to enjoy the ABC nightly news but stopped watching it and all news programs about a month ago. One exception — I do watch 5 p.m. local news until Hillary or Donald come on. Then I turn it off and go work in the yard.


I would like for all teachers to be required to carry around the backpacks the students have to carry at some schools. Some are so heavy the kids have to lean forward so as not to fall back. All of these students will have back problems for years to come because of this. Why in the world did schools do away with lockers? That was one of the silliest things they could have done.

Test me

With the Cruisers now gone, a bit of “old and wise man advice” to the drivers having withdrawals and feeling that you need to flex your car’s muscle, test your limits, your liability insurance coverage and my patience. By riding my bumper in an unlawful and dangerous manner, as I am the one between us doing the speed limit, don’t let your lead foot on the gas pedal outrun what working brain cells you have. At my age, I have absolutely nothing to lose by seeing how good my brakes work. Trust me. When you, your foolish behavior and macho nothingness leave the scene of our accident, you will be paying that bill in full and I’ll be smiling the entire time. Bet on it.

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