Sound Off

Sound Off: Cruisin’ much cleaner than Mardi Gras

Cars line the streets of Biloxi during block party at Cruisin' the Coast.
Cars line the streets of Biloxi during block party at Cruisin' the Coast.

Best of both

I am a conservative. I believe in a strong military, smaller government and a balanced budget. I believe all people should obey the law or be punished equally for violations. My mother, a librarian, taught me that the word “liberal” meant someone that considers the opinions of others. I guess that makes me a liberal conservative.

What we all want

Thanks for your Sound Off about what liberals want. It’s right on spot and describes what every reasonable American wants.

Shoddy work

Does anyone else notice or care about what a shabby job the mowers did when cutting the grass recently around U.S. 49 and Mississippi 53?

Shared values

God bless you! This great-grandmother has your same values that was once those of this great America probably until around the late ’60s. That is when the minority special interest “few” began telling the majority “many” what to do. This policy is upside down to those who do not have their head in the sand about the truth and still live with a high standard of morals and Christian beliefs.

More than one way

It would take another amendment to the U.S. Constitution to take away the Second Amendment rights. There is more than one way to amend the Constitution, however either way is a very involved and tedious process clearly stated in the Constitution. No way one person nor an institution can do it alone. Get a copy and read for yourselves.

Amazing cleanup

It is truly amazing that you can have thousands of people on the side of U.S. 90 watching old cars drive by, and when they leave the spot is free of debris and trash. Truly amazing. Not at all like Mardi Gras where there is trash and debris everywhere after the party people leave.

No lights

I saw on the front page of the Sun Herald an artist rendition of the future additions to Margaritaville. Please tell me the laser lights pointing skyward will not be part of it. Making 20 miles of coastline be exposed to various levels of nighttime light pollution is not a desirable thing for me. The Coast endured previous casino light shows, and I know a number of folks who would not patronize the displaying casino because of the lights. Please say it ain’t so.

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