Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 10: Why are liberals so horrible?

What liberals want

I would like to know why a liberal is so horrible. We don’t like war unless it is to defend our country, we are for fairness to all as in rights that our constitution states. We believe the rich get enough tax breaks that the middle class can’t take and that they don’t need anymore tax cuts. We love our planet and want it to be pristine for generations to come to create cleaner energy. We want to repair our roads and bridges, which would create jobs. We want every religion to practice freely. We want our military to be honored and given good health care and pay. We want our education to be a priority so everyone has a chance at a good education while paying our teachers more. We want the ACA to become more cost effective for ALL states. We want our police to serve and protect. We want civil rights for all people. We want peace and a country that is united.

Here’s my vote

I’m voting for Hillary because of what she did. I’m not voting for Donald because of what he said.

Check your bills

Wife called DirecTV to change our channel lineup and found we had been charged for months for a service we had definitely not ordered but may have been part of some “teaser deal” when we signed up. Check your DirecTV bill and make sure you have authorized any additional services you are paying for!

Figured it out

I have finally figured out Donald Trump’s campaign strategy. He is a sly one. His objective all along has been to get Hillary Clinton elected as our first woman president. Soon, he will be able to brag that he succeeded and that only he could have done it. Hillary would have lost to anyone else. Way to go, Donald!

Why all the fuss?

I do not condone Trump’s remarks from 11 yrs ago, but I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal. I have heard far worse in the parking lot at the grocery or on the radio from the car next to me at the traffic light.

Looking like fall

Many thanks to the Gautier businesses, churches, schools and homes decorated for Fall. Looks great!

An alternative

Regarding the federal lawsuit of an Ocean Springs business: Before going to the expense and trouble of courtroom drama, why didn’t you just ask the owner of the shop to stop selling Cruisin’ merchandise or you would go to court? It would save everyone a lot of drama.

Asking too much?

If the only way a presidential candidate would be acceptable is if they never said anything stupid or offensive in their lifetime, even the pope would be unelectable!

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