Sound Off

Sound Off: A higher standard of decorum

Teamwork to go

It was awesome to see the convoys of power companies and debris-removal teams heading east on I-10 this week in advance of Hurricane Matthew. That’s how our great nation was built and what keeps us strong: Teamwork

Power of the people

Even the Supreme Court can’t strike down an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. After all, once something is part of the Constitution, it cannot be declared unconstitutional. I think the only way to nullify an amendment is for the citizens to vote to repeal it, as happened with Prohibition.


It’s time to put the Trumpster in the Dumpster.

Duck and cover

Hunting season has started ... bad time to be a clown running around in the woods.

Higher standard?

Another Sound Off about Tim Kaine interrupting Mike Pence. Still nothing about Trump interrupting Clinton. I guess the grownups are held to a higher standard of decorum.

What’s up?

Geez, something sure doth smell rotten in Long Beach. And what is the latest on the Pascagoula police chief allowing the ex-Moss Point chief to get off scot-free? The citizens have a right to know.

No advice

First no speckled trout, now no oysters, with the Commission on Marine Resources continuing to disregard the advice of the DMR marine scientists. If the CMR prefers its own political decisions, then perhaps it could do us taxpayers a big favor and fire all of the marine scientists whose recommendations it ignores.

Driver beware

Whilst driving westward along Railroad Street in Gulfport, when you get to the corner of that street and 20th Avenue, you cannot see south across the railroad track, so you have to just “floor it” and hope for the best if turning south. I did it this morning, and just missed being hit by a northbound car.

Satisfied Cruisers

We love Cruisin’ in your Bay St. Louis. The event was great. The hospitality tent with your Hancock tourism staff was very helpful and friendly. The police were helpful also. We come every year and stay in the Bay Town Inn. The whole Cruisin’ was a success. Keep up the good work.


The old Gulfport VA property is so gorgeous. It could be made into a world-class destination. But first they’re putting in a Holiday Inn, and now talk of a casino. We need visionaries! Developers who appreciate the innate beauty of the place and only want to enhance it — not make it into the same ole, same ole plastic.

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