Sound Off

Sound Off: Put your phone down and drive

Go to Russia

If Trump feels and admires Putin’s strong leadership, he should move to Russia under Putin’s leadership.

How to describe Pence

There are three words to describe Mike Pence: Self righteous liar.

Great job!

I would like to take the time to thank the city of Ocean Springs employees who come around every Friday morning like clockwork in the big city truck picking up debris and household trash. They do a wonderful job and even take time to rake up anything that was missed. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Y’all know

Cruisers, I am happy you visit my hometown on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. By the enjoyment in y’all’s faces, y’all know how to vacation. Thanks for letting me be a part. Watching your beautiful antiques puts a sparkle in my eyes.


Regarding the section of I-10 in Jackson County that had the median stripped of its trees, I wish MDOT would spread native wildflower seeds in this section.

No phones

Driving has become a nightmare during the daytime. Driving to Wal-Mart, I had to use my horn five times to warn other drivers who were crossing over into my traffic lane without their knowledge because they were occupied with their cellphones. They were looking at their phones and drifting over into my lane. Had I not sounded my horn, they would have hit me. Cellphone use while driving is in epidemic proportions. Stop looking at your phone while driving.

Missed it

I must have missed your Sound Off about Trump constantly interrupting Clinton during their debate. Oh, there wasn’t one, was there?

President’s pick

You are right that the president can’t take away your guns, and it takes the Supreme Court to end a constitutional amendment. But who do you think appoints the Supreme Court justices? You bet, it’s the president, and if Hillary gets in, all the justices will be liberal.

Praying for you

To all in Melbourne, Florida, from your sister city of Melbourne, Australia: You and all your entire coastline are in our prayers.

We’ll be back

We have been staying in your lovely town and went to the parade for us Cruisers. Hancock tourism was great on giving us all our information on Cruisin’ sites and what to do and where to go. It was our first time. We will be back and tell all our Cruisin’ friends. Thanks for a great experience.

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