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Sound Off for Sept. 7: Readers angry about I-10 tree cutting

Putin ‘stronger’

What Trump said was Putin is a “stronger” leader, not a “better” leader than Obama. There is a huge difference. Stronger denotes strength. Better defines the quality of character.

Not surprising

I had to laugh when I read “Bad behavior” about Kaine’s interruptions of Pence. Where was the writer’s response after Trump interrupted and spoke over Clinton more than 50 times? I didn’t like it when Trump did it, and I didn’t like it when Kaine did it. But Trump started it, so I’m not surprised that Kaine decided to do it, too.

Better idea

They take all the trees down and then put a steel and concrete fence in the middle to stop vehicles from crossing into oncoming traffic. Sure wish we could have a row of trees instead of that fence. It would look better and not distract drivers’ vision with the opposing moving traffic. And the air we breathe needs trees.


It makes me so angry that MDOT clear-cut the I-10 median. What makes me even angrier are the reasons they give.


Remember this before you get a tattoo: You do not see bumper stickers on a Ferrari.

No debate

Having been on a debate team in my much younger years, I have decided that the words “political debate” are not correct. These “debates” are interrogations and personal attacks on both candidates.

For us?

Now that Biloxi has built a baseball stadium for the MGM folks, maybe they could do something for the citizens of Biloxi. Buy the old Broadwater Beach property and turn it into the Biloxi Family Fishing and Walking Park. No boats, no commercial vehicles, no big trucks, no loud noise, no alcohol, no drugs, no trash, no animals, no demonstrations, no gangs, no large groups, no casinos, no exceptions. Just a place we can take our families and have a safe and relaxing time without all the drama that seems to accompany everything else on the Coast.


There are three words that describe Tim Kaine — rude, rude and rude.


What Color Tie? If red states are Republican and blue states are Democrat, then why did Republican VP nominee Pence wear a blue tie and Democrat Kaine wear a red tie in Tuesday night’s debates? Think about it.

Past time

I think the Long Beach police department needs new leadership. How do they pick their supervisors?

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