Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 4

Keep right

Welcome, Cruisers, to our beautiful Gulf Coast. As a local, I and many other locals have a request, as you cruise up and down U.S. 90 and Pass Road please cruise in the right lane in both east and west directions. Riding in the left lane at a slow speed only detains us from getting to and from work. Enjoy your visit over the next week.

Group exercise?

I’ve only found three gyms here on the Coast that have group workout classes as an option. Can any locals offer recommendations I might have missed?

Consider the source

Tobacco companies used to search the county for a few doctors who were willing to state that there was no link between their product and cancer, and then prominently display them in ads to give the public the impression that the science was not settled. I’m old enough to remember those ads. When a few scientists dispute the link between carbon dioxide and climate change, I’d look into their funding.


Congratulations to Team USA on their Ryder Cup win over Europe. It was fun to watch the spirited play and hear the crowd roar. At the closing ceremony, all stood for our national anthem. Way to go, guys.

News flash!

I am also a responsible gun owner. I have a shotgun, handgun, baseball bat and dog available for protection if I need them. I consider myself to be a well-informed person who reads the newspaper daily as well as news magazines. I watch local and national news and some news specials. I have paid close attention to the gun debate over the past several years and researched it pretty thoroughly. I have yet to see anything that says the government, or more specifically, the president, is trying to take our guns. I have seen attempts at legislation for stricter background checks, closing gun show and Internet loopholes and restrictions on types of guns and magazines that can be sold, all of which I feel are reasonable. So where do people get this baloney that they are trying to take our guns? News flash, they aren’t.

Too expensive

To all those complaining about trash along our roads, I have another view for you, why not lambast the people who throw the trash on the roads? Also, how about getting out there and picking some of it up yourself. The problem is not MDOT, it’s the low-lifes that trash our roads. It is a direct reflection of the values of your community. Translated it means Mississippi doesn’t have enough tax money available to pick up after the slobs in this state.

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