Sound Off

Sound Off for Oct. 3


Count me as one of Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables.” I am a little old great-grandmother who believes in Christian marriage and values, the Ten Commandments, the U.S. Constitution, an end of welfare for those who are able to work, a strong military, respect for our police officers and their families and American apple pie!

How much worse?

I pay taxes. You pay taxes. But Trump doesn’t? No wonder he gets audited every year! He had no trouble making two years of his taxes public in order to get into the casino business, but he won’t do it in order to legitimize his run for the presidency? What could be worse than what we already know?

Stop the fighting

I’ve been reading about destroying Civil War memorials, which will take away needed lessons of our history. How will the truth be known about events? Why do people feel like they do? I’m sad for the children. Our world today has many mixed-race marriages with children. How do they understand races against each other? Race fighting needs to stop for the children.

Bad taste

We were touring around Wiggins yesterday to see some of the scarecrows already going up for their Fall Scarecrow Convention. I was appalled that one business created a design to mock our presidential candidates. It doesn’t matter which one they favor, either one was a bad idea as their customers may not share the same political opinion. Very bad taste. I doubt we will be back to view the others when they are complete. It’s turning into hate when you create hate for our children to see. I’m sure those in charge of the contest will not be in favor of the display either. Stick to fun scarecrows, not wrestle mania.

Why not?

MDOT mowed U.S. 49 between Lyman and Saucier last week and left a terrible mess to welcome our cruisers. Why our southern MDOT district doesn’t pick up trash ahead of the mowers remains a mystery. Our other districts and neighboring states do.

Think first

Think about this: I read that “tramp stamps” are now out of fashion. What are all the women to do who have ink embedded in the skin of their lower backs? That adornment is no longer popular. Think before you ink. Tattoos cannot be thrown out like a pair of jeans that has gone out of style.

Please explain

According to the military, there are still more than 4,400 troops in Iraq. How does that translate into withdrawal again?

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