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Sound Off for Oct. 1: Please clean up Iris Street

Clean up

Can the city of Biloxi please send out a crew to clean up Iris Street? This popular and heavily trafficked street between Pass Road and U.S. 90 is horribly littered and has been looking like a third-world country for a while now. Even the visiting Cruisers travel this path and will surely notice the lack of city housekeeping.

Proper term

TV and print media have begun using a misleading term about victims’ injuries: “not life-threatening.” Just because an injury is not life-threatening does not mean is not life-changing.

Tax returns?

Nothing to hide, huh? Guess that’s why he is refusing to reveal his tax returns. By the way, will you pay my taxes, too?


I would like to thank Chief John Miller of the Biloxi Police Department and his awesome men and women who serve and protect the city and its citizens. The Biloxi Police Department is without a doubt the most professional law enforcement agency not only on the Coast, but also in Mississippi. Thank you, men and women of the Biloxi Police Department.

Within the law

If Trump doesn’t pay income taxes, it is because he takes advantage of incentives enacted by Congress that allow him to exclude income. I itemize my deductions and I don’t pay income taxes on my charitable donations, my property taxes, my retirement deposits and other things. Congress encourages certain kinds of behavior by providing these exemptions. One would be foolish not to take advantage of these provisions.


In honor of Hillary’s historic first female presidency, I’m going to get a female dog. I’m going to name the girl pooch “Hail.” As in: “Hail to the chief.”


Does anyone know if Rep. Palazzo is still in Mississippi? I would think he would like people to vote for him on Nov. 8. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am writing in Gene Taylor’s name. We never should have voted him out in the first place.


I was walking around downtown Gulfport and happened to see the beautifully decorated wall depicting coastal scenes just west of the Hancock Bank building. It was done with mosaic tiles by the same artist who made the one in Ocean Springs near the bridge. Part of that amazing artwork is obscured by hedges and the area seems to be neglected. Is it on city property or the Hancock Bank property? I wonder if many people even know it is there.

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