Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 30: Saints and Falcons show how unity is done


The show of unity by Saints and Falcons was well done. Thank you.

Keeping score

Six anti-Trump comments Thursday. Zero anti-Hillary.

Consider the source

I’ve noticed the main difference between climate-change believers and deniers is whether they get their science information from scientists or talk radio.

Don’t understand

I’m confused — the president vetoed the bill to allow U.S. citizens to sue a country that had a hand in 9/11. However, he allows our military people to be tried in foreign countries based on their laws for “crimes” in their country.


Let me get this straight. We, Gautier residents, funded opening a substation for the police in Hickory Hills, and now we can’t have enough boots on the ground to prevent our sign from being stolen not once, but twice?

Nothing to hide

I just read all the Sound Offs bashing Trump. I think someone forgot about all Hillary has done — like cozying up to Wall Street, telling falsehoods about Benghazi and her email server. With Trump, you know what you get. He is out front with everyone. He has survived in a very cruel business environment and has made mistakes along the way but has not hidden them. I am an undecided voter but I am leaning to Trump because I feel he will be more honest and trustworthy than Hillary.

Only one

I just saw on TV where Donald Trump was being interviewed on Fox News and he stated the U.S. has spent $6 trillion on war in the Middle East and we got nothing. The money could have rebuilt our roads, bridges, airports and schools. Trump had the guts to say going to war in Iraq was a mistake. Suppose that is the reason why the Senior Bush will vote for Hillary.

Connect the dots

Surely the ordinary citizen who can read the paper and watch the evening news can see the connection to every citizen’s right to carry a gun and the resurgence of gun deaths. The police are surely feeling the effects of it by all the gun deaths they have caused. They are in a bind not knowing just who is carrying and who isn’t and guessing wrong can be their death. The politicians are unable to see past the NRA’s money so no help from them. I haven’t seen any in a long time. If so, on what day?

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