Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 29: Great show at Gulfport Little Theater

Great show!

Kudos to Gulfport Little Theater for their great performance of “Grease.” The acting was superb, as was the singing. We attended last Sunday’s matinee and thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend it to anyone looking for some fun entertainment.


So Donald says Hillary doesn’t look presidential. Has he looked in the mirror lately?

Think, people

When a billionaire pays no income tax or property taxes, plus advocates more tax breaks for the wealthy, who do you think suffers the resulting tax burdens?

Time and place

Why is our national anthem played at sporting events? It’s not played at our doctor’s office or when we take our car in for service or when we go to lunch or even during Cruisin’ The Coast. I think it is way past time that our national anthem be reserved exclusively for those who put their lives on the line every day to defend it and what it stands for — past and present members of the United States Of America’s military.

Not good

I agree with the oped in Sunday’s paper regarding using China to build a dry dock for U.S. shipbuilding. We do not need China any where around our war ships, and why is Sen. Thad Cochran getting involved and pushing this.


Funny how most of the polls said Trump won, but most of the networks said Hillary won.

Already great!

Donald Trump is wrong to say that the United States is not a great country. America is already great. Hillary will make it greater. Trump, with his rude, impulsive, shoot-from-the-lip personality, will only drag us into confusion and conflict.

Good for him

After watching the debate — staying awake for it, and actually listening to what they each said — I’ve decided that Trump will definitely use high office to increase his fortune. He can be trusted to be the proverbial “kid in the candy shop.” I don’t think I’d trust him to look out for anyone else’s interests. Just his.

Marching on

Well, Les Miles is gone from LSU. Now if Tom Benson will get rid of Sean Payton, the Saints can move on in a positive way.

Your money

From what I could glean from last night’s debate Donald Trump wants to make America great again but is not willing to be taxed to do it. Other people’s money is to be used, especially middle class.

Hidden treasure

I was walking around in downtown Gulfport and happened to see the beautifully decorated wall depicting coastal scenes, just west of the Hancock Bank building. It was done with mosaic tiles, by the same artist who made the one in Ocean Springs, near the bridge. Part of that amazing artwork is obscured by hedges and the area seems to be neglected. Is it on city property or Hancock Bank property? I wonder if many people even know it is there.

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