Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 28: Now’s the time to fill hummingbird feeders

Cut the grass

MDOT, I’ve killed all the deer (three bucks and six does) at my food plot on D’Iberville-Biloxi Scenic Parkway so you can cut the grass for Cruisin’ The Coast.

Feeder tips

Your hummingbird water should be 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Boil water, add sugar, stir until dissolved, cool and put in clean feeders. Never use soap to clean feeders. Just hot water is fine. Change water about every two to six days. In rainy or hot weather, change it more often. You do not need to use red food coloring. That is toxic to birds. This time of the year, the babies are flying, and they are filling up to go to the tropics. If you have a feeder, the birds will come back year after year looking for their pit stop.

Three Dat

I have three comments about Monday night’s Saints game. First, the Saints, as they are right now, may not win three games this year. Second, the Saints and the Falcons put the country ahead of selfish display by their joining together on the field. Third, and certainly not least, Irma Thomas did the best rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” I have heard in years.

Show pride

Coast cities and their infrastructure intersections are, for the most part, mowed and presented like they care. In Gulfport, U.S. 49 at I-10 is a joke. Until just recently, I couldn’t see over the grass when I was getting on 10. That’s dangerous on so many levels and just poor city management. Same goes for property owners on 90. Oh, now you want to mow since Cruisin’ is coming. We as “The Coast” should have more pride in our land to have it looking as it should year-round.

Stop this

I wonder if other people are getting as tired as I am of being approached by panhandlers at grocery stores, filling stations and other places of business. They will catch you when you exit the store or while you’re pumping gas and ask for money for food or gas. I would not mind helping if I knew that’s how the money would be spent. I don’t always have time to buy them food myself or wait as they pump gas. Businesses need to be more aware of this problem and encourage them to find a soup kitchen or a charity that provides gas money.

No paperwork

Yes, there can be problems with electronic records, etc., but going back to paper is not an option. The volume of patients who see doctors on a regular basis has necessitated moving to electronic records. We will not be stepping back to a time when most people saw a doctor only after a health problem and did not use preventive care and health tests.

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