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Sound Off for Sept. 27: Too much admin costs in charitable donations

Not charitable

The U.S. is noted for its affinity to donate to all kinds of charities and folks in need. But why does way too much go to “administrative costs” and not the actual person or entity in need?

Bad for economy

Fed Chairman Yellen says there will probably be an increase in the treasury rate in November (after the election). The rate hike will probably have a devastating effect on the stock market.

Option 3

Hmm. Reality show debate or unpatriotic NFL athletes? Sounds like a good night for a book.

Happy birthday

Will you still need me will you feed me when I’m 64? I guess I’ll find out. Happy birthday to all the Libra boomers.

Taxes at work

How many MDOT workers does it take to install markers? I had to stop counting at 40. Could not get a full count for all the MDOT vehicles blocking my view. Guess that’s our tax dollars at work.

Don’t cry for Les

Les Miles: From the penthouse to the outhouse in less than month. But, with over a $6 million payoff, he can cry all the way to the bank. Don’t cry for me, Louisiana.

No respect

Those spoiled NFL players who have chosen to disrepect this great nation, which I defended for over 26 years on Active Duty Military Service, make me sick. This nation’s anthem should not be played at NFL or any other commercial game or gathering. They, the spoiled players, have done nothing for this nation other than disrespect it. Therefore, I have chosen not to ever watch any NFL game or any other game/event where those overpaid players choose to disrespect the men and women who put their lives on the line in defense of this great nation.

Where are you?

Can someone explain why BP restoration money should be used for any reason other than restoration of our Gulf waters, marshland, fisheries and the shrimp, crab, oyster and marine wildlife industries? Where are our leaders and why aren’t they aggressively mandating proper use of BP money?

Fill me in

I finally put out my first hummingbird feeder this weekend. Much to my surprised amazement, the next day I had a hummer buzzing around it. Today I had two fighting over it. I need advice from the Orange Grove experts of the hummingbird feeder. How to mix the sugar water, when to change it, when to put it out and when to take it down. Anything you can advise will be much-appreciated.

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