Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept 26: How about a warning light on Popp’s Ferry?

Warning needed

Has anyone else noticed that on approach from the southwest, the traffic light near the Margaret Sherry Library and Popp’s Ferry Fire Station is on a blind curve and cannot be seen until traffic is virtually under it? Why can’t the city place a flashing warning light before the curve informing traffic to prepare to stop? When one considers that the fire trucks make emergency runs daily through that very light, it would seem the sensible thing to do.

Leading by example

Kudos to the lady who was walking off of the Popp’s Ferry bridge on Saturday with the handful of trash in her hand. Maybe someone from the Public Works Department could take lessons from you.

Electronic records

You are correct. Thanks to the good old U.S. government, your doctor’s office is required to use electronic medical records or not take government sponsored insurance. What happens when the Internet is down or just the system in general? Your appointment may be canceled. Your doctor has no access to your reports, records from the last visit, anything. Unless he keeps a backup paper chart like the one I work for. We keep going and he "charts" in the computer later. The rest of the group cancels clinic. Sad state of affairs.

Would add jobs

Why can't Ingalls Shipbuilding build their own drydock? Over the years they have built submarines and drilling platforms and passenger, cargo and combat ships. Just think of the number of jobs involved.

Thank you, Whitney

To Whitney, that wonderful young lady at Wal-Mart who, early Sunday morning, went out in the back to find the size 12 shoes for my man: Thank you.

Too much to risk

In 2008 the economy tanked and we have not recovered yet. The recovery process has been under the Obama administration and for two years, the Democrats controlled both houses. If we elect another Democrat, I predict we will have another recession within 12 to 18 months and the government will have nothing to counter it with. I am not a Trump fan, but can we really continue the Obama policies? We have two of the worst candidates running and we must chose the lesser of two evils.

Clear out ditches

I live in a subdivision off Dedeaux Road in Gulfport where many houses were flooded during the deluge on April 28. Since that time, the ditches along Dedeaux have not been touched. They are full of weeds — not just weeds, but small trees and shrubs. Now, every time it pours for more than a few minutes, I pray that the water is able to drain from the subdivision. Gulfport, clear out the ditches along Dedeaux, and any others in areas where flooding is a concern.

Yellen says the delay (which is long overdue) has nothing to do with the election. Yeah, right!

Do as you’re told

To the person who said just do as you're told if stopped by a policeman, you're 100 percent correct. If you have nothing to hide, it shouldn't be a problem. Arguing, being defiant, walking away and/or making abrupt gestures only escalates the situation.

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