Sound Off

Sound Off

Foxy move

Hey America, let’s put the fox in charge of the hen house. What do we have to lose?

Brighten a life

Do you know an elderly shut-in, someone you worked with and interacted with for years? Do you call occasionally just to chat? Or visit, even for a few minutes? Did you know a lack of social stimulation can lead to depression, even dementia for someone who cannot get out, who has no one but limited family or caregivers to converse with? Think about it — who do you know who could benefit from just a few moments of your time, whose life could be a bit brighter from your act of kindness?

Clean the roads

The Harrison County “powers that be” are always beating the tourism drums — take a drive on our highways, especially I-10, I-110, Biloxi Bay Bridge — but they are disgraceful and embarrassing, covered in trash and debris. You could drive around on these roads for a week and furnish a 10 room house! If one-tenth of the time and money spent shoveling the sand from U.S. 90 back onto the beach were expended on cleaning trash off the aforementioned roadways it would be a tremendous improvement to Harrison County.


How many MDOT workers does it take to install markers? I had to stop counting at 40. Could not get a full count for all the MDOT vehicles blocking my view. Guess that’s our tax dollars at work.

Odd priorities

For real investigative journalism, I would like to see not only the salaries of principals, administrators and support staff but also the meager little salary of the most important influence in a child’s primary education — the teacher assistant. These are the people who are actually responsible for the day-to-day functions of the kindergarten and first-grade classrooms because the administrators seem to think it is more important for teachers to attend meetings and seminars during the school day than to actually teach.

Water feature

Fishbone Alley looks to be a great spot to go. Thing that may cause a problem: Rain. Is there good drainage? How about overhead cover for bad weather? Wondering.

Creep of the week

What’s next? Zombie sightings? Vampires? Werewolves? Maybe Supergirl can save us.

Unhealthy dependence

Our dependency on the internet and cell phones has gotten ridiculous. If the internet quit for a month, most private and government business would almost halt. If cell phone service went out worldwide for more than a week, there would be a rash of suicides.

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