Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 23: Stick to the issues in upcoming debates

Obey rules!

It doesn’t matter if you are red, yellow, black or white, if you are stopped by a policeman do as you are told. Most all lives would be saved if everyone followed these rules.

Represent us

Not only did Palazzo not vote, but he did not support his fellow Republicans. All the bills passed but without Palazzo’s vote. I cannot believe that he even did not support his veterans. Yes, we need better representation.

Issues, please

I hope in the upcoming debate the moderator keeps character questions to a bare minimum and sticks to questions about real issues affecting the country such as the economy, education, foreign policy, etc. They also need to ask both candidates the same question on those issues so the viewers can be informed on their stances and compare them fairly.

Will you pay?

To the people wanting to bring back the state inspection stickers, are you willing to pay the mechanics the price of properly inspecting your vehicle? In the early days of car inspections the shops were required to check brakes, ball joints, alignment of headlights and various other items. At my dad’s business he would inform the customer of a problem and tell them they would not get a sticker unless the problem was fixed. Most people chose to take their vehicle elsewhere.

Rest of story

Nice job on teachers’ salaries. Now let’s see the superintendents, principals and assistant principals with administrative support salaries. Please include the vehicle cost associated with those positions. With 150 districts, I’m guessing that is a large piece of the pie. Because every time we hear about lack of funding, we only hear about cutting teachers.

Here to stay

Some people will complain about everything. The round about is here to stay. Get used to it, and you will see it is a good thing. Sure makes traffic move better.


Are you for real? In response to “For real,” regarding inspection stickers. Let me give you $5, and you put my vehicle on a lift, take off the tires, check the brakes, put the tires back on. How many do you want to do for $5? The inspection garage didn’t get the $5, they only get a percentage. With all that is going on in the world, is this all you have to think about?

No problem

A “Sound Off” to the Sun Herald, several times I have very easily negotiated the so-called “very poorly designed” Woolmarket I-10 Exit “Roundabout,” and I fail to see a problem with its design.

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