Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 22: Questions remain in ex-chief’s traffic stop

Lingering questions

I applaud the good citizens of Pascagoula who want some answers in regard to their police chief’s questionable decision to let the ex-Moss Point police chief go without an arrest. Why did it take a month for the video to surface and why wasn’t the Moss Point chief prosecuted? Not good.

Bad idea

I have to agree with the person who wrote this Sound Off. The roundabout on Exit 41 (Woolmarket exit) is the most stupid thing I have ever seen in my life. There is not enough traffic on this exit to justify a roundabout. The money could be used on other projects like better highways and lighting, schools, etc. I can see a future of accidents in the area also. Please give us our normal road back.

No calls!

What is it about the “no call” policy offered by our protective government. The more I try to block these intrusive calls, the more of them we receive. Why can’t they pass effective laws against this horrible, intrusive invasion of our lives? Are you having the same problem?

Change needed

Did anyone besides myself notice in the Roll Call segment in Sunday’s paper that our representative, Steven Palazzo did not vote in any of the votes taken? He had just been on Congress’ summer break/vacation, so where was he? We deserve better representation than this. Maybe it is time for a change, no matter which party, to elect someone else.

Will it work?

I would like to see the business model for this Aviation Museum. Even with an extremely low rent for such a city-owned building do you really think people will come and want to see an aviation museum in Gulfport, Mississippi? I mean, we’re not Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, for Pete’s sake. Once the initial local interest is gone (I’d say six months tops) how many tickets will they have to sell each month just to keep the power on? Although well-intentioned, this is a bad idea by a very few aviation enthusiasts and it’s going to fall on local residents to fund keeping the doors open.

For real

We definitely do need a state vehicle inspection, but one in which the inspector makes a thorough inspection as s/he is supposed to do. In the past, I have had my vehicle “inspected,” but all the inspector did was check my lights and my turn signals and put an inspection tag on my windshield. I gave him $5, and I was then sent on my way to legally operate my vehicle for another 12 months — brakes or no brakes.

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