Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 21: More than chief involved in traffic stop

Quite a few

Too many wrongs. In response to “Wrong.” The Moss Point police chief stepped down only because he would have otherwise been fired. If you recall, it was nearly a month after the incident before it came to light. Mayor Broomfield was aware; don’t you think he ought to step down along with the Pascagoula police chief? There were quite a few involved in the debacle.

Bad idea 2

Dear bad idea: Bringing back vehicle inspections is the most stupid thing I have heard all week. A $5 inspection isn’t going to stop a rock from hitting your windshield an hour after it’s inspected nor is it going to keep a light bulb from burning out.


I think there is something many people are wondering. Is the transgender who was recently sentenced to a lengthy prison term going to the prison that matches her anatomy? In other words, is this person going to a men’s or women’s prison?

Great idea

The roundabout in Woolmarket is a very good thing, and I’m proud of whoever made the decision to put it in.

Move on

If you are unhappy here, there or anywhere — leave.

Sign, please!

Who is responsible for getting signs made and erected to give directions to the new Hancock County Performing Arts Center? Signs needs to be on I-10 and on Mississippi 603 indicating where this beautiful facility is. Will someone please take action?

Clear choice

There are two choices in November. If you like the way the country is going then you should vote for Clinton. It will move in the current direction for a long time due to possible vacancies in the U.S. Supreme Court. If you want to try a change just for four years then vote for Trump. Either way, pray a lot.


Thank you very much to the kind lady at checkout in Hobby Lobby on Monday. You saved me some money by presenting your coupon on your phone. What a nice thing for you to do.

Kind act

Acts of kindness occur every day, but many go unnoticed. I would like to thank the gentleman who stopped his truck in the Pass Road Winn-Dixie parking lot when he saw me putting my groceries in my car and offered to put the cart away. He had no way of knowing I have severe back problems and sometimes every step is painful. This act of kindness was helpful and very much appreciated. It made my day.

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