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Sound Off for Sept. 20: Woolmarket roundabout a bad idea

Wrong priority

Maybe if Mr. Savant would have been reading the Bible at his home vs. using his elected position to benefit himself, he wouldn’t be where he is now. I also believe that he should only be allowed to go free if he pays in full what he stole.


Savant is a convicted felon for bribery and he abused and broke the public trust. He should remain in jail and complete his sentence. His suggesting otherwise is insulting.

Work on it

Woolmarket enter/exit was fine the way it was. Whose foolish idea was the roundabout? Bad traffic accident waiting to happen. Why complicate or fix something it if it already works? Plenty other projects need attending to. A majority of residents have lived in the community all their lives, raised families there. Fund better highways, lighting, schools, hospitals, homeless shelters. This is not New York or California. Keep some of our small hometown feel.


The Moss Point police chief stepped down knowing he did wrong, and I respect him for that. Now it’s time for the Pascagoula police chief do the same thing. What he did was big-time wrong.

Great column

What a sensible, well-written column Bill Crawford wrote about pathways in Sunday’s Op-eds. He hit the nail on the head. I’ve been saying this all along.

Bad idea

I agree with Sunday’s Letter to the Editor. We need to bring back car inspections. I have been talking about this for some time. I don’t know what our legislators were thinking. We didn’t have the best system, but at least basic things like brake lights, turn signals and windshields were checked. I was almost T-boned by a car the other day, that had a windshield that looked like a spider web. I don’t think they could see through it.

Worth it

I don’t like paying taxes. However, I don’t mind paying them to keep him in jail. How bad can it be with no bars?

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