Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 18: Traffic rotary will cause accidents

Accidents will happen

This is about the roadway markings at I-10 and Exit 41 in Woolmarket. Who came up with that stupid traffic rotary? It’s not if accidents will happen. It’s when and how many. It’s obvious whoever dreamed that nightmare up does not live out in Woolmarket.

Part-time job

I’m looking for a part-time job. Does any one know if Hillary pays for transportation and a salary for the people attending her boring speeches? I can use the money.


It is possible to be a hardworking, flag-waving, respectable and successful conservative and simultaneously be deceived by a demagogue whose media dominance normalizes old resentments that his followers once kept under wraps but now spread all over social media and act out in public. Redirect your justifiable anger upward toward the corporate elites who hollowed out our economy and now control our government instead of downward toward their victims.

Not deplorable

Clinton said half of the Trump followers are deplorable. I’m glad you are not in that half. However, it has been suggested the other half are “gullibles.” It appears that half best suits you if you intend to vote for a man who has proven over and over he is hateful, greedy and disrespectful, not to omit he is a frequent liar. He works hard just as you say you and millions do. However, “deplorable” has nothing to do with work. His actions and words are deplorable, as is your support of it.

Deplorable defined

So when I Googled the definition of deplorable I got “...deserving strong condemnation...shockingly bad quality.” I’m surprised I didn’t see a picture of Hillary Clinton herself.

TEA Party is MIA

Does anyone know where the TEA Party is? I haven’t heard a word from them in this election. Could it be a case of “be careful what you wish for, you might get it”? Look who the powers that be endorsed: Trump!

Money trail

As suggested, I followed the money relative to the global warming “debate.” I discovered billionaires who profit from air and water pollution buying “scientists” who say man does not contribute to global warming. Nutshell news for the faithful: We are now finding out the sugar industry did the same thing — bought research. Fox “News” may soon be out with a “well-researched” program blaming evil liberals for telling the truth about patriotic “Sugar Daddies.” And conservatives will eat it up. Follow the money indeed.

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