Sound Off

Sound Off: A bike ride to Adventures and a free meal


Saturday night I took my lady for a bike ride and we decided to stop at Adventures in Biloxi for dinner. Someone paid our bill and I can say it was quite a surprise. Thanks from this vet to you.


MDOT’s plan to widen U.S. 90 from Ocean Springs to Gautier to “improve traffic flow” and “deal with congestion” is truly a laugh. Everyone who travels U.S. 90 through Ocean Springs knows full well that this city does not make any attempt to solve this decades-old problem. More unsynchronized traffic lights seem always to be the answer.

Diner, please

For goodness sakes, can some enterprising entrepreneur please open up a “mom-and-pop” type family restaurant in the Biloxi area, which is open for breakfast and includes good “diner”-style home cooking? Enough Mexican and seafood joints already.

Two for two

I agree “misguided” and “gullible” works. Unfortunately, it is relevant for both camps.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, United States Air Force! You will be 69 years “young” on Sunday, Sept. 18! And a “hand salute” to all those who proudly wore the uniform and served our great country. Ooooo-rah!

Just me?

Am I the only one waiting for a refund from the state for my 2015 income tax? I filed electronically in January and passed their fraud test the first of February. I keep checking with the state DOR and get the message it will be 90 to 120 days. Well, it has been 210 days and I’m still waiting. Is the state so broke they cannot send tax refunds out?

Love the puzzles

Thank you so much for the Puzzle and Fun in Wednesday’s newspaper. I love the crossword sections in the Sun Herald. You do not know how much it keeps my mind active. I am a senior citizen and spend a lot of time alone. These puzzles mean a lot to me. My paper carrier called me this morning and pulled up into my driveway and told me I had a surprise in the paper. So to the staff of the Sun Herald, God bless you for making my day.

Clean up

The I-110 bridge from D’Iberville to Biloxi is a disgrace with all the trash. Not a good impression for visitors. This should be cleaned often but sure hope they will take care of this before Cruisin’ The Coast.

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