Sound Off

Sound Off for Sept. 16: Please sync up lights on U.S. 49

Not deplorable

To “Deplorable defined”: If I were hateful, greedy and disrespectful, I would agree with you that I would be a “deplorable.” I am not. And I am representative of millions of Trump supporters who respect America, work hard and help grow the economy.

Worse things

Amazes me how the global warming gang always throws those “facts” around like it is a given that the world is soon coming to an end. The truth is that yes, the world will one day come to an end — most likely through our own fault. I agree we should be “good stewards” of God’s gifts, but again, follow the money. I dare say we have more to fear from the evils transpiring right now.


Hillary Clinton has determination to do the things she needs to get done even while sick. She went to a security meeting and gave a speech. She stood out in the heat for over a hour to honor the victims of 9/11. And she has a grueling schedule of campaigning. As a senator of New York during 9/11, she fought to get direct aid to the first responders having chronic breathing problems. This year, the Republicans refused to pass a bill to continue to fund that aid. Even pneumonia will not keep her from doing her job.

Better words

Perhaps the word “deplorable” was too strong. Maybe something like “misguided” or “gullible” would have been better.

Get to work

I’d like to plant some vegetables on Mississippi 67. Would the state let me sharecrop on the sides and in the median? I could plant some string beans near the signs since the weeds are climbing them now. What happened to the mowers for this area? Get the convicts and bus them out to cut grass and pick up litter. Give them a reason to hate jail and not want to go back to it.

Bad timing

Gulfport, your traffic light timing on U.S. 49 is off-the-chart bad, causing unnecessary traffic jams.

What about Mississippi victims?

We have seen so much help being sent to the flooding victims in Louisiana, and that is great. However, I haven’t seen any help being given to the flooding victims in Mississippi. Is there somewhere I could give to them?

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